USA Graceland

Studio: Leroy + Clarkson
CD/Live Action Director: Daniel Fries
My role: Design/Art Direction

USA approached L+C to create a striking look to promote Graceland – a new show about LA undercover cops that needed an edgy neo-noir vibe.

We drew inspiration from Man on Fire, Drive, etc, and came up with a shoot/post style heavy on time manipulation, double exposure, texture, and color. 

While our team shot on location, I hung out in New York. I would get a big pile of footage and I'd have fun with it –  messing with the timing, overlaying images, adding light leaks, textures and color correction. I'd then send it back so everyone could see things coming together, as sort of a proof-of-concept. 

 Boards from original director's treatment.

Boards from original director's treatment.