Twitter 10 Years

Want to feel old? Well guess what: TWITTER just turned 10!

While you may feel, suddenly, that the inevitable progression of time has stolen the last remnants of your youthful innocence (or something), Twitter decided (rightly) that 10 years being *THE* internet convo platform was cause for celebration. As such, they tapped Slanted Studio for some new .gifs/vines for the occasion.

Client: Twitter
Producer: Ryan Brown

Production Company: Slanted Studios
Executive Creative Director: Michelle Higa Fox
Producer: Jennifer Vance

Creative Director: Erin Kilkenny
Stop-Motion Animation and Fabrication: Matt Christensen and Ana Kim 
Compositing and Cel Animation: Tynesha Foreman
Sound Design: Raymo Ventura
Talent: Matt ChristensenAna KimJennifer Vance, and Tynesha Foreman