Mountain Ash

This past year, I co-directed a short film (with the psycho-talented Jake Armstrong) for the independent animation compilation Late Night Work Club – Ghost Stories. Our short is called Mountain Ash and it's about a snowstorm.

You can currently watch our film on the interwebz as part of the LNWC compilation, which is full of amazing work. 

There's also an NYC screening at BAM on Dec 19th, complete with Q&A and afterparty!

Full Credits:

Directors: Jake Armstrong & Erin Kilkenny
Sound Design: David Kamp 

Thanks: Fran Krause, Barbara Benas, Charles Huettner, Joseph Bennet, Mikhail Shraga, Marina Press, Lizzi Akana, Peyton Skyler, Christie Brown, Xilia Faye, Patrick Mellon, Chris Lenox Smith, Benjamin Reynart, Scott Benson, Celeste Lai, Carol, Jesse Armstrong, Paul Snodgrass, Kat Morris, Chantal Lee, Alex Grigg, Aleth Romanillos, Mary Nash

Late Night Work Club 2013