ABC needed a promo package to tease the debut of their new drama, Missing. We set the mood with this live-action vignette, complete with the requisite wet scary alleyway, backlighting, and fog. 

For the logo and type animation, we experimented with different materials and chemicals in a stop motion tabletop shoot, achieving a unique and handmade feel.

Made at Leroy + Clarkson.

Role: Concept, logo design, shoot mood boards + pre-pro, table top animation.

Executive Creative Director: Daniel Fries
Executive Producer: Elena Olivares
Senior Producer: Rosanne Raposo
Production Manager: Rich Lombardi
Live Action Director: Daniel Fries
Art Director: Laura Rieland
Tabletop: Erin Kilkenny, Jon Smith.
Technical Director: Jon Smith
Editor: Corey Weisz
Designers: Erin Kilkenny, Vincent Diga.
Animators: Jon Smith, Chris Harmon, Jared Williams.